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Poor Man Publishing is a different type of publishing company. We’re not a vanity press — you don’t pay us to publish you. We’re not a traditional publishing house — we’re not going to haggle with you and put you in a pile for months before we reject you. We want to put the power in the hand of the author! 


You are the person putting the most effort in. You are the person who’s putting their name on the line. You are the brain behind the glorious stories and worlds that are being put together.

In short, we’re all about you.


We act as the publishing house for the self published author. We provide all the necessary services — design, editing, proof reading — and you provide yourself. We do minimal amounts of marketing, but can work with authors individually to make sure that everyone is benefiting.

I’ll walk you through the process:

You submit your story of at least 1,800 words to us. We read it over, and decide if it’s something that we can work with. If it is, we send you a contract. That contract will from the start detail out what our estimated costs are for editing, designing, and releasing your book is. It will also declare that we will cover these costs up-front, but that until the initial costs are paid off, we will retain 50% of the royalties of the book.

Now, this may seem like a lot, and to that I say this: We absolutely, 100%, agree with you.

That’s why once the initial cost is covered by the royalties, we flip. From the point of our costs being covered, we begin to take 15% and you take 85%.

Any further services that we provide will then be on a per-invoice basis, allowing us to bridge the gap between traditional and vanity press.

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